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ANMO Pain Care



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    Jason Gallardo img 5

    The staff are very friendly and accommodating, they’re skills are top notch, I left feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. When I arrived, they saw I was wearing pants so they offered me a robe for my foot massage. I recommend this place to anyone and everyone in the N Stockton / Morada / Lodi area. They’re prices are fair and worth every penny

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    Gien Garcia img 5

    Wow! I got a full body deep tissue. I feel so relieved. Thanks Jim! Super nice, and they listen to my needs because I usually just do like pressure on my legs and deep pressure on my back. Jim delivered, great massage. See ya next time!

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    Kristi Johnson img 5

    I am so thankful for this place, especially it being so close to where I live and they have a great hours. The owners, husband and wife are such nice people. My mom and I always go to Anmo for our massages. This place is very clean. I always feel better leaving this place whether I feel stressed before my massage or I am experiencing back or feet pain. I recommend.

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    Vincent Williams img 5

    I love coming here. Make a trip every chance i get.

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    Ana Maria Herrera img 3

    I enjoyed my massage my 12 yr son booked me, unfortunately he booked a full body and another service due to them misunderstanding exactly what he wanted for me for my birthday which was half body half feet $40 pck. Instead I got an hour massage and the feet and then was about to get another back massage. ???? He left there crying cause he spent $80 and wasn't sure how he could have misread the services he thought he asked for. ????