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Dila Nails and Spa



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    Knakyta Joseph img 5

    Loved how fast I was in and out with quality work. Prices are good too. My nail technician took his time with mine. Didn't rush the job for the money. Cause if business they ask for you to sit in your car not too many people can sit inside and wait. Lady at the first chair ask everyone as they come in what they like to get done and how long you may have to wait. She also dose the eyebrow waxing great job. Very nice clean shop.

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    Wendy Curley img 1

    Well I got there at 5:45pm and I wanted a pedicure and nails done.. The lady was super nice but due to the rush that they were closing but still wanted the business they still did my pedicure.. I pay for the highest which is 63 dollars and when I go usually they take their time with massages etc but this time my feet look the same, I had to ask her to do my feet right again, woke up this morning and my feet look dry and still the work that needed to be done is there.. I paid 153 dollars for the service and it was poor quality, don't go before closing, be careful who u choose, ask for the price before they do the work and some of them are pushy... I will not recommend this place is high on price.. They only take cash but have a debit machine that magicly works when the atm machine is not working of is close.. Absolutely will no go back..

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    Nellie D. img 1

    So I went here because I thought it got good reviews sadly mistaken. The lady did a rushed job and left white polish all around my toe. Just horrible

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    Liney Ambriz img 3

    I like that they took me as a walk in and the place is very clean. But they were just guessing on pricing. I don't really complain..but it will help if they Will take their time with their costumers. You can't even decide which nails you want Because they kinda forced you to go with the ones they want.

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    Jen Hernandez img 1

    Extremely over priced for the quality of work. First off they didn't have the Polish I wanted so Susan matched it to something similar. She was way to fast and I had a bad feeling because fast isn't always good. Sure enough Susan missed so many spots of acrylic on my nails and managed to leave 3 hairs from the brush in my nail after the gel was applied. I paid $55 for this particular set that had a very bad outcome I would expect to pay this amount for possibly adding some nice designs, stones, extras like that.. etc...Pedicures are extremely fast and not worth it, thought I'd give them the benefit of the doubt and went again for just my nails this time and nothing has changed. They have the Same fast Not nice ways of working and definitely over priced. Do not recommend them At All! :(