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Happiness Nails & Spa



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    Sinat Pech img 3

    I agree with one of the customer reviews. I went here cause they were open on Sunday compared to the other Nail salon and it was the only one on 8 mile/Trinity Parkway .The shop was a disorganized a mess and not very clean, staff is ok some seem unprofessional. Fast pace & crowded. It looks dirty, and everything seen unsanitary. Nail tech lady keep asking me to pay her for the nails work instead of the front desk. I wasn’t trying to make two different payments here. The thank you manicure turn out fine but I won’t be going back sorry.

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    Elvira Nguyen img 1

    Happiness nails & spa in trinity park area. I just had the worst experience!???? I went in to get a natural french tip gel manicure like I've done in the past. They looked great I was done I went home pulled in my garage and my nails were glowing in the dark! I immediately went back and told them the issue and the manager Stanley started berating me so much as to standing up for the whole place to hear according to him they don't have glow in the dark nail polish. I kept telling him I'm not lying and why are you attacking me???? I pulled 2 female employees in the restroom to see that I wasn't lying. Their eyes got big spoke in their language and again the manager was yelling at me I am on the verge of crying and he sat with me taking the gel off refusing to fix the problem and was stating he would give me a refund and not do my nails again. I wasn't asking for a refund I was asking to not glow in the dark. He was extremely unprofessional and embarrassing I don't understand if they make a mistake why do they not own it and simply fix it and say sorry. I have been going there and have some favorites and I have no other choice but to stop. my own husband does not do that to me. I was actually crying. ???? The manager owner is the rudest person I've ever dealt with and you can see his staff is afraid of him.

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    Lulu R img 1

    I have never received worse service at a business. The man that did my nails stated that he was the owner of the nail salon, Michael. So I trusted he would put effort in my nails. NoPE. He talked to other techs the entire service often stopping it to talk with other customers. I get that he's helping others but don't sit down and do my nails when thats the last thing you're focused on and you don't have the skill set for it. The results looked like a 5 year old did them. A lot of the acrylic was bleeding over to my skin and the side profile of the nails looked like icicles hanging off the edge. The polish wasn't applied evenly so the nails looked a different color and the top coat had missing spots because he wasn't trying to use almost any. Many of my nails are slanted instead of centered. He also ended up cutting my finger because he wasn't paying attention. When I called to ask if I could get them redone the next day he refused to comp the service. The only person thats worth the money here is my sisters tech named Nancy that does amazing nails and the reason I even gave this place a shot, to bad she was booked .

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    Daniel Gleason img 5

    Debbie takes great care to make sure my visits their ensure I am completely happy. I have tried other places but after having my pedicures with Debbie, I have found my home. I have had many back surgeries and can’t cut my toe nails. Debbie makes my feet look amazing.

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    Amy Hoover img 1

    The shop was a disorganized mess and not very clean. I had a mani/pedi and it was done very unprofessionally, polish was on the skin of every finger, cuticles weren’t done and no proper massage. I highly recommend going to another nail salon.