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Bright Now! Dental



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    Linda Maxey img 5

    I was very happy with yesterday's visit to Bright Now. I had a teeth cleaning. The Dental Hygienist was wonderful. A very sweet, kind and personable hygienist. She did a great job and was very thorough! It's always good to see Dr. Reed. He is such a nice dentist. I have been happy with him as a dentist for years. It was a good dental visit. The girls in the office were most helpful!

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    DEZ SOARES img 5

    The lobby was nice and clean. The front desk ladies are so friendly and welcoming. The wait was less than 5 minutes. The service was quick and easy. Doctors are very professional and the assistants are great! Payment and insurance info is clearly laid out an explained before and after the appointment. I was even offered balloons for my little ones at home ☺️! I would definitely recommend this place!

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    Maricela Ruvalcaba img 5

    I strongly recommend this office the staff is amazing. The manger was extremely polite and super helpful at all times. They make you feel welcomed and their office is super clean.

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    Ulysses Townsell img 1

    This is just another dentist that will take advantage of a person. My experience was horrible and office manager for the billing department is horrible. Sad thing to say I loved the dentist He was very clear on a treatment planned that I needed and my mouth feels better then ever before. Just the untold truth is how they handle the billing side of things by telling you one thing then having you sign something else. I believed what was told to me but what I signed was totally different. I’m glad that I have voice evidence of what was told to me. But as most say I should’ve read what I signed. Do not sign anything based on what was talked about you must read everything before you I knew this but like most people I trusted the office manager explanation verses reading. Below is an example of the double talk that I was told. “You did sign that you were approve for only $4800 and we wanted to help you and usually we don't allow Patients to do in house payment plan but we made an exception for you. All we have done is try to accommodate you.”

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    Tim Crider img 5

    Great experience. Dr. T was very professional and quick as well. I would definitely recommend him for your oral surgery needs. The staff here is great as well. Altogether a really great experience!