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Charles Feldman, DDS



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    Tracey img 5

    I’m so happy I met Dr. Feldman. I was scared and he made me feel so comfortable and I have found my dental home.

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    Jacquelyn B img 5

    I was referred to Dr. Feldman upon moving to Stockton and much concern. I had never had to change since my childhood dentist to becoming an adult. I don't have words to describe how satisfied I am with his work and his staff. He has been excellent bed side manners, very patient and obvious that he is passionate in what he does. I appreciate how he explains his diagnosis and personal opinion and then presents options for your situation. I highly recommend him.

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    James Hernandez img 5

    This is my uncle and he is a great dentist.

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    Josh G img 5

    It's hard to know who to trust when it comes to using a cosmetic dentist in Stockton CA. I mean you've got 36 cosmetic dentists to choose from just in search and for the most part, all of them offer the same variations of service. I found Dr. Feldman to be the most knowledgeable. He also recommends what you actually need not what he wants to make you pay for. I find this kind of transparency with Stockton dentists to be extremely helpful in choosing who I give my oral care needs too. Thank you so much!

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    Blakelee Huddleston img 5

    Was in the market recently for a Stockton CA dentist and found a few that I called and asked questions to about clear braces and teeth whitening and the entire time they kept pushing me to make an appointment. Then I found Dr. Feldman and got all my questions answered thoroughly and not once was I pressured to make an appointment. From this, I will highly recommend you to my friends and colleagues because I can tell you really care about results and less about the money.