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    Very good customer service. Front desk receptionist Berta was very patient and friendly. Dental assistant Christina was very friendly ,patient & helpful and nice as well. Nice attitude! ???? Guaranteed to leave with a smile!???? Kudos to management!! They do a great job always and I highly recommend this office to anyone. Great Service Team. I love their quotes they have posted through out their office, especially when I walk in they acknowledge me and the quote they have posted when we check in.

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    Debra Lea img 5

    This is my second appointment at Suave Dental I had dental work done approximately two months ago and The staff and dentist were very nice and made me feel comfortable. My front tooth chipped chipped on Wednesday evening, I called and had an appointment early Friday morning. Thank you Suave Dental for getting me in so fast, and taking care of my dental needs. I would highly recommend this office and have referred several people already.

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    I just have to say thank you to all of you! This is an amazing team. I was in so much pain from another dentist mistake and they took such great care of me. I honestly don't think I can thank them enough for taking the time to help me. A great team that truly cares about the people they see.

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    Deborah Barges img 5

    Come here FIRST. Your kids (and you!) will ENJOY having your X-rays done. The dentists are skilled and comfortable to work with, and do a great job. They do all procedures - no being referred elsewhere as has happened to me in the past, which after 6 months and five dentists cost me two teeth. Likewise, the previous dentist told me that two teeth would have to be pulled and a third probably, in a hospital setting, but because they tested the nerves and found them to be alive, all three have been filled and are still happily in my mouth. The office looks up extra procedures that might be useful for you, so I got a full deep cleaning. The last place wanted $300 per quarter but didn't warn me in advance. Do double-check about prices of procedures, my insurance changed in January and suddenly something cost them money that wouldn't have previously, but they covered it the one time because they didn't catch it. Better I cannot say about anyone. They have the most modern equipment, and Stockton has an excellent new office, very clean, more I cannot say. I only wish that I'd found them when I first moved into the area, because I would still have more teeth if I had. They even gave me a fluoride treatment seeing that I had teeth problems (which turn out to be medical, under correction now), which held off damaged. I have had fun as well as very effective care here. Do yourself a favor - come here FIRST.

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    I been going to suave here in Stockton CA to get work on my teeth and they have treated me friendly and nice manners us patients, always a great experience and tries to give as much information to help in the future Berta has been a very nice and lovely person and remember my name and always with a smile in her face and always have seen her treat us patients with the best manners.