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Lakeview Dental Care



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    Erwin Antonio Y Tolentino-Venable img 5

    April 6, 2021 Lakeview Dental Care Office of Dentist L. M. Orimo Dear Mr. Orimo, Your team, at Lakeview Dental Care, have been a huge impact to my health. Today, after my first time to have tooth filling, I am looking for this constant feeling in my jaw. Now, this sensation is gone. We could both agree that it’s caused by the cavity, and thank you for preventing it to get worse. Also, the injection trick did not make it painless, but it helped. Professionalism shows every time I enter your door. Sincerely, EAYTOLENTINO Vii

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    michael DesRuisseau img 5

    Luis is one of best oral surgeons around and what makes him the best is support staff assisting him like Tamatha and many other people helping in the office.

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    Mark Kline img 5

    Dr. Orimo is ,by far , the best dentist I have ever had. He genuinely cares for people and it shows in the entire staff at Lakeview Dental Care.