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    jameika alexander img 5

    It’s really hard to believe some of these bad reviews that people are posting. My brother needed to be seen asap because he was in so much pain. One of the girls at the front desk set on the phone with my mother ( who was at work) making sure she got all of our Insurance information. Once we got to the office we were greeted And welcome with open arms. My brother has always been terrified of going to the dentist, finding out that he was going to have the tooth polled made it even worse. With the outgoing and loving nature of the people in this office made us all comfortable While we were in a panicked state.

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    Woody Koshta img 5

    I moved to Stockton a couple of years ago from San Francisco. It’s not unusual for me to tell myself “_____ is so much better in San Francisco!” You can practically fill in the blank with anything you like. In my opinion there are only two things Stockton has over San Francisco. Number 1 are the rents. Much cheaper rents in Stockton. Uh, duh. And the 2nd thing Stockton has over San Francisco is Smile Pro Dental. I still didn’t have a dentist for myself in Stockton, when I had a dental emergency of a very painful kind! I ended up calling Medi-dental for a referral to a dentist. I was in a LOT OF PAIN. Not only did they refer me to the amazing folks at Smile Pro Dental with Dr. Shah. I have to say, I usually don’t like going to any kind of medical office without a personal recommendation. I’ve found a friend is far more trustworthy when it comes to finding a professional office, than my just taking a stab in the dark. Well, this is one case where the Medi-dental scored a home run for me. Whether it’s the ladies who operate behind the front desk, or the dental assistance who assist Dr. Shaw, and including Dr. Shaw, these group of professionals are worth putting your faith and trust in. Unlike so many medical practices that I’ve come across, where I get the sense from the staff they are doing me a favor by serving me, the staff at Smile Pro Dental made me feel special. They listened to what was going on with me, and were thorough in making sure I got the services I needed. Dr. Shah was knowledgeable, thorough and had a great “chair-side manner”. In the end, Dr. Shah referred me to a specialist, and I am going to need a root canal. After the specialist, I will be returning to Dr. Shaw DDS for the crown on my root canal. Because of the amazing staff at Smile Pro Dental and the services I’ve already received from them, I have a lot less trepidation about what’s to come because I know I’m working with quality individuals. I highly recommend the folks at the Smile Pro Dental on N. Lower Sacramento Rd. In Stockton. I feel confident they will do right by you, as they have done for me!

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    Sam Muy img 5

    I haven't been to the dentist in years so I found this place by searching through the internet. I'm pretty soft spoken but I immediately felt comfortable talking with the entire staff and doctor here. They were pretty informative and it was a great experience overall. I've found my new dental place!

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    Courtney Slawson img 5

    I was searching for so long to find the best dentist near me. I didn’t just want to go ANYWHERE for dental work without doing research. I came across this place and Dr. Shah. I’m sure no one really likes going to the dentist, but after you go here, you will enjoy it. The staff is so sweet & helpful, very cheerful all the time and always on top of confirming your appts. Dr. shah is also the best dentist in town! He was amazing throughout my whole Invisalign experience & made me feel so happy with everything. I definitely will be going here for cleaning’s and any other dental work I will need! So don’t look any further for a new dentist, go here. You will NOT be disappointed!!!:)

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    kaisar alhakim img 5

    Dr.Shah awesome dentist provide finest quality dental Care I highly recommend it. Friendly staff and a very clean building.