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Legendary Coffee and Books



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    Evan Tschuy img 5

    The coffee is fantastic! Temple beans are some of my favorite. I was excited to see them here, and the cappuccino I had was the great quality I'd expect from that. The custard filled cro-muffin I had was absolutely incredible. It's a muffin shaped pastry with layers that are thicker and softer than those of a croissant, but it still retains that light and fluffy feel. To top it all off, the building it's in is a beautifully remodeled historic warehouse. If you're arriving on foot, there's an entrance to the warehouse on the west side that leads right to their unit; if you park on the east side in the parking lot, they're on the far side of the building.

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    Salma Saifuddin img 5

    Loved coming here! Sometimes studying at a coffee shop can get super loud but their jazz music choices were always ???????? and I didn’t feel as if the music was too loud to concentrate. It’s a GREAT place to study (tons of easy to access outlets) and if you’re working remotely, taking meetings is also doable as well (again, not too loud as some other spots) The staff was so welcoming and friendly, and was really accommodating! They even made my drink again for free when I said that I didn’t like my first choice ????????

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    Aracely Ramos img 5

    great place to sit down and study or get work done!

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    jeremiah frazier img 4

    Awesome service???????????????????? Great coffee ???????????????? Good for studying ???????????????? Accessible parking ???????????????? Cakes and pastries ????????????????

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    Susana Martin img 5